Goose Stories: Twelve

The next day I feed them again.  Analdas is on his rock and comes when I call.  They eat side by side.

Then some other geese approach and Analdas stands guard so Borka can eat. Mostly he stares them down.  A couple of times he lunges his head.  Then Borka watches for him. She ate less than yesterday and he ate little.  For now I  think they don’t need feeding every day.

While they have been eating, some ducks have been enjoying Analdas’ rock.  Then, suddenly, they are not.

Now he’s got a friend, and breakfast, Analdas has his brio back.

No longer the loner at the bottom of the pecking order, he gets the rock.  But he still shares.


Last month he shared with another friend  too:




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