Goose Stories: Fifteen


Ice feeding for beginners


The lake finally begins to freeze, thin in some spots, thicker in others.  It limits their access to their favorite landing.  The peninsula where I used to find them is too close to the large flocks coming and going.

But they see me walking and approach.  The ice is too thick to swim through and too thin to climb onto.


I see a large stick and break up the ice so they can get through, but they can’t reach the bank where the food is, and it’s frustrating for all of us.



The next time goes  better.  The edge of the ice is accessible and more solid, so I spread the food there and they eat under the greedy eye of a seagull.  It’s still a reach, but Analdas eventually makes his way onto the choppy ice.



Today the ice is solid and they can walk on it.



Next time the ice is thin, and Analdas works as an icebreaker to get to the food.



It’s cold now, and he’s feeling stressed.  For the first time, he competes a bit with Borka; and takes a snap at her.



I’ve never seen this side of him with her, but he must remember the long, hungry cold of last winter.


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